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Prior to private practice, I wore a variety of hats that have helped to make me the therapist I am today.  

High school history and english teacher, and later Dean of Students. Worked with FEMA as part of disaster response crews. Counseled at-risk homeless youth in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. Intake manager of an outpatient substance abuse treatment facility. Counselor at a community college. Field clinician for homeless dual diagnosis adults. Clinical director of a non-profit providing outpatient mental health services to low income adults. These various stops have broadened my worldview and expanded my toolkit. I have worked with children as young as 3 and adults up to 82, on issues ranging from behavioral to existential to everything in between.

Along the way I have learned that while the spark for some may have dwindled, it is still in there, somewhere. No matter how buried or obscured by shadow, that light can be accessed and brought forth, to multiply and grow for the benefit of Self and Others.

Therapy serves many purposes. It can be a means of processing those life events we have thus far failed to make meaning of.  It can be a way of identifying patterns with the goal of shifting or evolving new modes of being.  It can be a neutral place to sort out difficult conflicts in the Here and Now. It can be a training field, where new tools and techniques are developed to better leap life's many hurdles.

I am a therapist with a firm belief that the capacity for change lies within all of us. 

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